We appreciate your interest in supporting our programs. While it is possible to have your gift directed toward a specific program or country where we are currently working, we ask that you contribute unrestricted funding. By not restricting your contribution for a specific emergency or project, you will enable us to allocate our resources more efficiently and where the needs are greatest.

The ability of MSF teams to provide rapid and targeted medical care to those most in need in more than 60 countries around the world – whether in the media spotlight or not – depends on the generous general contributions of our donors worldwide. MSF would not have been able to act so swiftly in the hours that followed the South Asia earthquake in October 2005 or in response to the emergency in Myanmar in May 2008 if not for the ongoing general support from our donors.

Should you still wish to restrict your donation please indicate the specific program or country when making your contribution.

In order to restrict an online donation, you must send an email to donations@newyork.msf.org after your transaction is complete. In your email, please tell us to which country or program you would like the funds directed. Please include your name, full address, the amount of your donation, and your donation confirmation number so that we can locate your record.

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