Why are we there?

  • Endemic/epidemic disease
  • Health care exclusion
  • Sexual violence

Our work

This is an excerpt from MSF-USA's 2012 Annual Report:

MSF provides comprehensive treatment and psychosocial care in Papua New Guinea, mainly for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Staff runs a family support center at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae, where it provided free, confidential medical and counseling services to some 6,500 patients in 2012.

MSF runs a second center in Tari, in Southern Highlands region, and runs an emergency surgery program at Tari hospital. Teams also trained health staff in 20 of the country’s 22 provinces to better respond to victims of domestic and sexual violence.

MSF is helping refurbish several health facilities in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, which were badly neglected and damaged during decades of violence. This included building a six-bed TB ward, where staff support clinical care and maternal health care, as they do in five other health centers as well.

Staff also ran a maternity waiting home in Buin for women in the final stages of pregnancy.

Intensive care at Angau Memorial General Hospital in Lae. © Fiona Morris

At the end of 2012, MSF had 201 staff in Papua New Guinea. MSF first worked in the country in 1992.

Patient story

Rachel, Lae

"He can bash me up badly. He can use iron, knives to threaten me. How can I fight him? He is a man and he has more strength than me.

He called me one time and was threatening me, saying, 'I’ll break your arms, I’ll break your legs.' That evening he came and surprised me and was chasing me around my big sister’s house.

He went to my workplace and my boss told me, 'You’re just new here, and seems like you are facing this problem. You are not going to work.' So I lost my job there.

When I share my problems with the counselors, I feel free, I don’t have a weight on my body. If I can stand in public and tell everyone, it’s good for me. They know I’ve gone through it and it can help them too."