How long has MSF been in the US?

MSF USA was established in 1990 by the French section.They wanted to have a presence in the US in order to expand their international fundraising, recruitment, and advocacy (chose New York because of its proximity to the UN and media).The US office has since expanded their role in field operations and is now managing programs in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, and Ethiopia.


Is there a centralized governing body?

● MSF has an International General Assembly (IGA), which is comprised of two representatives from each MSF partner section as well as two representatives per MSF Association.
● The IGA elects 12 representatives to sit on the International Board (IB). The IB is also comprised ofthe International President, the Vice President, the International Treasurer, and the Operational Directors. The IB has authority over issues such as resolving conflicts within MSF, opening and closing new entities, and holding sections accountable for implementing a shared vision.