● MSF occasionally partners with other organizations when there is a component or activity that another organization can fulfill that will benefit the program and its recipients.
● Even when MSF works independently, we still coordinate our activities and information with other agencies in a region to avoid duplication, and we share security information as well.
● Whenever possible, MSF often works closely with a country’s Ministry of Health (MoH) as negotiations and written agreements are necessary to open hospitals and health centers, as well as to gain access to many areas. MSF also works within MoH structures and alongside MoH staff.
● In order to gain acceptance from a community and reinforce our impartiality and neutrality, MSF also works closely with the various parties of a conflict, such as government officials, rebel leaders, and community elders, making clear our medical objectives and our impartiality and independence from any other agenda.
● MSF will also work with other NGOs in order to hand over a project; for example, a community may no longer be experiencing a medical emergency, but they still need access to clean water for extended use. We may hand that project over to another organization that specializes in development (like Oxfam).

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