Reports to: HIS Coordinator & Tropical Medicine Advisor
Type of position: Intern, paid
Time Commitment: 20 hrs/week
Duration: 4 months
Location: New York City

Objective: To assist in designing and testing a mobile application to be used to monitor program activities for the roll-out of Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) project.

Overview: Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) is a malaria control strategy in which a therapeutic dose of antimalarial drugs are given to children in areas during the time of seasonal transmission, the period of highest acquisition risk. Research carried out in West Africa showed 80% reduction of cases of simple malaria and a more than 70% reduction of cases of severe malaria when using SMC control strategy. In March 2012, World Health Organization issued a recommendation of SMC use in areas where more than 60% of malaria cases occur in less than 4 consecutive months.

During the malaria season of 2012 MSF launched SMC interventions in Mali and Chad, with the objective to reduce the incidence of simple and severe malaria, and of severe malarial anemia. Drug dispensing was carried out by Community Health Worker (CHW). The use of CHWs allowed us to bring the intervention closer to the patients, but requires an important logistic investment in terms of delivering and collecting the drugs to and from health center or village, as well as collecting the data during and after every distribution.  

In preparation of expanding the intervention and improving the reliability and availability of real time monitoring, MSF is seeking to utilize mobile phone reporting. We are seeking an intern to work with the Malaria Advisor and Health Information Coordinator to develop and test an application for the SMC project.  


  • Review and clarify monitoring requirements
  • Identify appropriate application tools—feasibility according to environment, infrastructure, cost, ease of use
  • Design and test application—achieving requirements

Skills: Applicants should have:

  • Background in Health Sciences or Humanitarian Health
  • Strong IT skills: knowledge of mobile applications—using SMS
  • Work or travel experience in rural areas of low-income countries
  • English spoken, strongly prefer French as well
  • Flexible and able to work independently