In 2012, MSF teams working in some 70 countries around the world provided more than 8.3 million outpatient consultations, admitted more than 472,000 patients for inpatient care, performed more than 784,000 antenatal consultations, and helped deliver more than 185,000 babies. Teams also cared for more 310,000 people living with HIV/AIDS and more than 347,000 malnourished children; vaccinated more than 690,000 people in response to measles outbreaks and some 496,000 in response to meningitis outbreaks; performed some 432,000 routine vaccinations for children and more than 78,000 surgeries; and treated more than 1.6 million cases of malaria, more than 57,000 cases of cholera, nearly 31,000 for TB, and more than 10,000 victims of sexual violence. Staff carried out more than 191,000 mental health consultations as well, while also distributing more than 197 million liters of water and 61,000 relief kits.