● Yes, MSF had been working in Haiti since 1991. At the start of 2010, MSF was operating four health structures in PortauPrince, providing, among other things, primary and secondary care, trauma and emergency treatment, and surgical and obstetric services. After the earthquake, as MSF rushed to respond to overwhelming medical needs, the number of projects rose to 26 and included hospitals, postoperative care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and general medical centers.
● In 2010, with 3,000 medical personnel on the ground, MSF treated over 360,000 patients, distributed nearly 50,000 tents, and delivered a half million cubic meters of water per day. Of the $138 million raised, $100 million was spent by the end of the year.
● Today MSF now manages five health structures in Haiti addressing medical needs such as maternal care and emergency obstetrics, pediatric care, general surgeries and care for burn victims, and treating cholera. 
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