Thank you for your support of Doctors Without Borders' work in Haiti.

Following the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12, 2010, Doctors Without Borders received overwhelming donor support for our response to the emergency. We have treated over 40,000 patients in Haiti so far and are working in 20 sites around the country. We anticipate that we will spend over $75 Million in Haiti in 2010 on post-operative follow-up and ongoing care, distribution of relief items, and rebuilding of health care facilities. ALL contributions for Haiti are being used to fund our essential medical response there.

Customarily we are able to process donations within a week of receipt, however due to the incredible volume of recent gifts, we are currently delayed by 3-4 weeks. If you made your contribution prior to March 1st, and your gift still has not yet been charged or deposited, you will receive a receipt by mail indicating that Doctors Without Borders received your donation before the March 1st cutoff date for Haiti gifts in tax year 2009. We are processing gifts as quickly as we can, and will get your receipt out to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and our sincere apologies for the inconvenience we may be causing you.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please contact us toll-free at 1-888-392-0392 or at