July 29, 2014


No. The Gates Foundation and MSF share many common objectives in working to address urgent global health needs in developing countries, and to ensure that appropriate vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, and other lifesaving interventions are developed and delivered to populations in need. MSF is strategically engaged with the Gates Foundation on a number of levels, ranging from high-level meetings to ongoing and frequent technical and working group consultations on issues of concern to both organizations.

As a medical treatment provider working in some 70 countries, however, MSF has medical and operational priorities that do at times differ, and sometimes conflict, with the work of the Gates Foundation and the initiatives they support. In cases where we feel the needs of our patients are not adequately addressed or prioritized, MSF does not hesitate to voice its concerns. At this time, MSF believes that our strategic engagement with the Gates Foundation, as well as our ability to voice criticism or concerns on specific issues over which the Foundation has enormous influence, is strengthened by our financial independence from the Foundation. In fact, MSF is one of the few major global health actors not receiving Gates funding.

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