The following office-based positions are currently available at Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).


Department:               Communications

Supervises:                  One or more unpaid staff consisting of interns, volunteers and/or Work Study students throughout most of the year; plus volunteer teams to support the GA

Type:                           Full-time; Exempt


Purpose of the Job:

MSF-USA became a membership organization in 1999 in response to an MSF International Council resolution that all sections should incorporate the ‘associative’ concept into their structure and governance.  Therefore, under the general direction of the Association Committee of the Board of Directors, the Association Coordinator’s role is to foster leadership and activism within the MSF-USA Association and to cultivate a strong, vibrant, well-informed membership that is able to assume its responsibility to elect the Class A members of the Board of Directors, to engage in the annual review of MSF-USA at the General Assembly, and participate in key debates surrounding the humanitarian activities of MSF as a whole in order to provide ongoing guidance to MSF-USA and the movement.

The Association Coordinator serves as a crucial link between MSF field projects and the MSF-USA Association, the US office, the Board, and other MSF Associations. In particular, the position provides a bridge between the membership and its elected representatives. At its core, the position galvanizes Associative life throughout the US office and Association.

Rotating Position:

This position will be filled via a pool of staff that will rotate between the New York headquarters and the field in roughly 9 to 12 month increments in order to infuse and animate the Association with ongoing developments and debates unfolding at the field level, and to ensure the position maintains regular contact with the field reality of MSF.  Candidates must be prepared to work in the field and maintain flexibility regarding proposed assignments.


-                      Essential Functions and Responsibilities:




  • Leads the ongoing development and implementation of the annual plan to mobilize and foster the MSF-USA Association, in close collaboration with the Chair of the Association Committee of the Board for presentation to the full Committee and to the full Board, as needed.
  • Leads an internal working group, drawn from representatives of all MSF-USA departments, tasked with animating Associative life and mobilizing necessary internal resources in support of this ambition
  • Throughout the year, facilitates the application and approval process for new Association members.
  • Maintain the Association database, including details of each member’s status, voting eligibility and attendance at the annual General Assemblies.
  • Evaluates and reports on progress toward stated goals and objectives, and effectiveness of projects undertaken, to the Association Committee Chair and the Communications Director, discussing required changes in goals or objectives resulting from current status and conditions.
  • Collaborate with the Chair of the Association Committee to prepare the agenda for each monthly Association Committee meeting.  Prepare all necessary meeting documentation for the Executive Officer to circulate to all members of the Association Committee.
  • Association Coordinator fills in for the Executive Officer, as needed, with a particular focus on supporting the Board
  • Hires, manages and evaluates office volunteers, work-study students and/or interns for administrative tasks within the Association area.
  • Develops annual budget projection and conducts quarterly budget revisions for Association activities including the annual General Assembly for review and approval by the Chair of the Association Committee and Executive Director, and administers budget throughout the year.
  • The Coordinator also manages the membership rolls, coordinates the voting process with legal counsel and facilitates the Association Committee of the Board in addressing legal issues pertaining to the Association, including definition and interpretation of By-Laws. 


Communication with Association Members (45%)

  • Communicates regularly with Association members through face2face briefings/debriefings from the field, print and electronic media.
  • Facilitates regional activities, including cultivating and mobilizing regional hub membership.
  • Acts as central point of contact with the Association membership to maintain an overview of their participation in activities and events planned by all the departments of MSF-USA, and to facilitate that participation, as needed. 
  • Working to support the Board, particularly the elected members, to develop and maintain an ongoing dialogue with their constituency.
  • With the technical support of the Communications Department’s web team, directs the development and administration of the Association website to facilitate information flow and maintain historical records, including mini-AG feedback, GA reports, supporting documents for GA discussions, reports and special messages from the Board.
  • Stays abreast of larger MSF issues, and immediate concerns and experiences of individual Field MSFers through debriefing all returning field MSFers, attending BBL’s, reading Tukul, checking all MSF websites and reading the newsletters of other Associations.
  • Working with the OCP Portal Editor, plans and manages editorial content for online and print communications (MSF-USA PAD Facebook page, website, and email newsletters) designed to keep the Association membership informed regarding key MSF issues and debates, changes in the US offices, as well as to provide a forum for communications from the Board and an outlet for expression for the members.
  • Organizes and/or supports organization of regular regional gatherings, and facilitates potential involvement of elected Board members or office representatives. Mobilizes regional US association members in joining MSF-USA public events and seize opportunities of donor meetings or other gatherings to connect local association members with office staff.
  • Use all Association communication tools to maintain connections between Field MSFers’ and the MSF-USA office, and specifically to the PSN, the Speakers Bureau, and various Public Education activities.
  • Communicates on a routine basis with the membership, usually via email, to keep them informed of the immediate activities and concerns of MSF-USA including (but not limited to) media coverage, special events in their region, field emergencies and/or special recruitment challenges.
  • Conducts briefings and debriefings and presents at Information Days to introduce field volunteers to the Association.
  • Promotes membership in the MSF-USA Association and attendance at the annual General Assembly among MSF field workers in the US and abroad, including locally hired staff, via print and electronic media, briefings and debriefings, and via individual cultivation.




  • Participate in office meetings and discussions in order to stay informed about issues relating to the MSF-USA office, and the wider MSF movement. Regular meetings include:

-                      monthly staff meeting

-                      Program department updates

-                      Communications department meetings

-                      bi-weekly inter-departmental Recruitment meeting

-                      monthly Content Committee meeting

  • Serve as a central point of contact for all MSF-USA departments who would like Field MSFers to support their activities. Specifically, conducts periodic follow-up with Field MSFers and, as a neutral party, represents the Field MSFers’ interests to the various departments, collaborating with the departments in the selection of appropriate field volunteers for public speaking engagements and presentations, and assisting with recruitment of volunteers for special projects, as needed.




  • Leads the development of content for the General Assembly in close collaboration with the Association Committee, the Executive Director, the Communications Director, and members of the staff, proposing and refining the agenda, schedules, themes, formats, and speaker lists.
  • Coordinate with relevant MSF-USA staff the development of workshops and trainings in advance of the MSF-USA General Assembly.
  • Working with the OCP Portal Editor, prepares preparatory readings and online debates for Association members to be informed to meaningful engage in GA debates and workshops and ensuring eligible voters have access to relevant information to critical assess positions of candidates for the Board
  • With the support of the Public & Internal Events Unit and Associative working group, leads the organization and management of all logistics for the annual General Assembly, including physical preparation (conference space, accommodations, catering, A/V, party), membership issues (registration, travel arrangements, bursary,) and running the GA with the assistance of volunteer crews.
  • Manage all administrative matters pertaining to membership and the election of Class A Board members (membership management, candidates, absentee voting, and proxy voting) with the close oversight of the Association Committee and legal counsel.
  • Prepares and administers surveys to the attendees of the GA to obtain feedback on the logistics and content. Compiles survey feedback and prepares a post-GA Report for the Association Committee including an evaluation and recommendations.
  • Prepare comprehensive minutes of the General Assembly for the historical records of MSF-USA.




  • Act as the primary contact between the co-coordinators of the PSN and MSF-USA. Helps organize training days prior to the annual General Assembly and one residential retreat every two years.
  • Maintain records of all Field MSFers who have been trained to work in the PSN.
  • Encourage experienced Field MSFers to attend PSN trainings and to volunteer to participate in the PSN.




  • Follow the activities of other MSF Associations. Share with Associative counterpart’s ideas, best practices, and materials to help build a strong Association. Research the format and content of the General Assemblies of other sections.
  • Closely follows the mini-AGs in order to incorporate their content and feedback into our General Assembly.  The Association Coordinator may be asked to attend one or more mini-AGs.


-                      Supervisory Responsibilities:


Manage one or more unpaid staff – including volunteers, interns and/or Work-Study students.  Carry out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.


IV.       Fiscal Responsibility


Develop the Association budget for review by both the Chair of the Association Committee and the Executive Director, and for subsequent approval by the Administrative Committee of the Board of Directors.  Implements, controls and reviews approved Association budget, in accordance with MSF’s policies and procedures.  Responsibilities include quarterly budget review and revision. Identifies and recommends new vendors; manages vendors including venues and caterers.


IV.       Extent of Public Contact


Within MSF, interacts with all levels of staff, Board and returned volunteers, facilitating communication among all parties.  Also, interacts with vendors and legal counsel as required.


Physical Demands 


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to sit for long periods and to concentrate on work, including typing, and turn out heavy volumes of work accurately, within the context of a moderately noisy office with many interruptions.  Must be able to proofread own work accurately so that only minor corrections are needed on an infrequent basis.


To travel to the field (usually in the developing world), the employee must attest to physical fitness to endure physically difficult, high stress situations which may include the necessity to walk long distances, carry a backpack or other equipment of up to 50 pounds, to ride long distances over very poor road conditions, to eat a limited diet and/or to reside in potentially uncomfortable housing or tents.


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.



-                      Working Conditions, Travel and Environment


The duties of the job require regular attendance 5 days/week for a minimum of 35 hours.  The employee must be available to work before 9:00 am, after 5:00 pm and on weekends, as required.


The employee must be available for standard domestic and international business travel, as well as for travel to MSF field projects.  While performing the duties of this job in the field, the employee may be exposed to precarious settings under high security and/or very basic living conditions, outside weather conditions and infectious diseases.


VIII.         Qualifications:


  • Ability to think strategically about how to engage the Association in debate and drive content;
  • Genuine interest in, and commitment to, the humanitarian principles of MSF, and the movement’s Associative structure in particular;
  • MSF field experience and ability to rotate in and out of the field for placements of 9 to 12 months;
  • Commitment to maintaining flexibility for field assignments and willingness to adhere to field recruitment/placement requirements, in close coordination with the MSF-USA Field HR department; Agreement that field assignments cannot be “customized” according to personal circumstances; Agreement that that inability to meet field assignment requirements will amount to not fulfilling overall position requirements; 
  • Strong communication skills - interpersonal, written and oral. Ability to communicate with a wide variety of people including Field MSFers, Board members, office staff, and donors;
  • Ability to leverage social media tools to engage and communicate with Association members, preferred;
  • Interest in hearing and sharing the personal field experiences of Field MSFers. Ability to reflect objectively on the combined experiences of Association members and provide feedback to other HQ departments and the elected Board members;
  • Ability to work independently, with a minimum of supervision, to accomplish the goals of the position while inviting the participation and incorporating the voices of multiple constituencies;
  • Ability to accurately synthesize complex, sensitive material and to produce articles for publication;
  • Events planning or project management experience a plus;
  • Strong computer literacy skills, including the ability to use word processing, spreadsheet, web and database software and to search the internet for research purposes.  Knowledge of graphic design programs a plus;
  • Ability to handle a large volume of work and to prioritize ongoing vs. immediate needs appropriately;
  • Outstanding proven time management and organizational skills. Keen attention to detail with ability to track multiple projects at one time;
  • Excellent judgment and diplomacy;
  • Bachelor's degree (B.A. or B.S. or equivalent) plus 3-5 years related experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Fluency in English required, French fluency preferred.


How to Apply:


To apply, send cover letter and resume to:, Attn:  Association Coordinator by November 29, 2016. Submissions without cover letter will not be reviewed.


Starting salary range: low to mid 70’s, commensurate with experience.  Excellent benefits.  Training opportunities and growth potential.


No calls, please.