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  1. MSF Calls on GSK and Pfizer to Slash Pneumo Vaccine Price to $5 Per Child for Poor Countries

    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Pfizer to slash the price of the pneumococcal vaccine to US$5 per child in developing ... countries, ahead of a major vaccination donor conference in Berlin. The call coincided with MSF’s release ... of  its vaccine pricing report, The Right Shot: Bringing Down Barriers to Affordable and Adapted Vaccines ...

    Elias Primoff - Jan 23 2015 - 4:36pm

  2. Give Children the Best Shot: Improving Global Access to Vaccines

    discussion about the challenges of vaccinating children in developing countries and humanitarian emergencies, ... and the steps we can take to expand access to immunizations for all. Vaccines are one of the most effective ... been made to vaccinate more children against potentially fatal, but wholly preventable, illnesses ...

    Negin Allamehzadeh - Sep 19 2014 - 4:33pm

  3. Giving Developing Countries the Best Shot: An Overview of Vaccine Access and R&D

    MSF and Oxfam warn that vaccination programs for the developing world are facing an acute funding ... crisis. Special Report Download Report [716 KB] Vaccines have made possible some of the greatest public ... to the wealthy than other services. Despite their impact, vaccines have generally received less attention than ...

    MSF-USA Adminis... - May 11 2010 - 5:48am

  4. Niger: MSF Vaccinates Nearly 300,000 Children Against Measles

    Campaign continues in Maradi and Zinder regions MSF staff vaccinates a baby against measles ... authorities vaccinated children between nine months and five years of age. However, an increasing number ... 23. To prevent the disease, MSF teams are vaccinating children between six months and 15 years of age. ...

    MSF-USA Adminis... - Apr 3 2008 - 8:00pm

  5. DRC: More Than 165,000 Children Vaccinated Against Measles in Masisi, North Kivu

    DRC 2009 © Clementine Lacroix /MSF MSF staff vaccinates a child in Miandja district, North Kivu. ... has therefore launched a large-scale emergency vaccination campaign and has also treated 130 children ... as complications of the disease can lead to death some weeks after infection. Vaccinating those at risk Outbreaks ...

    MSF-USA Adminis... - Nov 19 2009 - 9:59pm

  6. CAR: Bringing Vaccinations and Other Services to Children in Remote, Troubled Areas

    MSF teams in the Gadzi area of CAR have been vaccinated children for measles and polio while also ... in the region of Gadzi, vaccinated some 9,000 children against measles and polio in an area where the population ... to the vaccination campaign, MSF teams working in seven health centers in the area have carried out more than 5,000 ...

    MSF-USA Adminis... - Feb 5 2014 - 9:40am

  7. Oral Cholera Vaccine Highly Effective During Outbreak in Guinea

      PARIS/NEW YORK— An oral cholera vaccine protected individuals by 86 percent during a recent ... to show that this particular oral cholera vaccine provides protection very quickly, and lends support ... vaccine in real-life epidemic conditions, we didn’t have enough information to understand the potential ...

    Elias Primoff - May 29 2014 - 10:11am

  8. Vaccinating Against Cholera in Guinea

    recently became the first in Africa to receive a new two-dose oral vaccine for cholera. Guinea 2012 © David ... Di Lorenzo An MSF patient takes a dose of the new oral cholera vaccine in Guinea. GENEVA, JUNE 1, ... to receive a new two-dose oral vaccine for cholera, said the international medical humanitarian organization ...

    MSF-USA Adminis... - Jun 3 2012 - 11:58pm

  9. Global Vaccine Community Must Make Major Changes to Reach More Children

    to help reduce the number of children not benefitting from vaccination globally (22.6 million in 2012), ... vaccines to children in developing countries, but we think that GAVI could improve its work in a number ... Executive Director of MSF’s Access Campaign. “Humanitarian actors are still not able to access vaccines ...

    Elias Primoff - Jun 2 2014 - 1:55pm

  10. MSF Vaccinates, Provides Supplies to Thousands Displaced by Violence in Northeastern DRC

    (MSF)  vaccinated 26,125 children against measles in South Irumu in November. Fighting between government ... of this intervention was to prevent the spread of the measles epidemic in the region because vaccination coverage ... Medical staff and logistics teams performed the vaccinations at four sites where displaced persons have ...

    Editorial Intern - Feb 5 2014 - 5:14pm