April 3, 2014 - 2:00am
Join Doctors Without Borders on Reddit.com this Thursday at 2pm EDT to ask anything you want to know about drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB). Go to this link to see the AMA. In order to ask a question, you must sign in or register, which only takes a moment.
Kees Keus has managed the Doctors Without Borders TB project in Swaziland for the last four years and has been a medical humanitarian worker since 1989. He has seen firsthand how patients suffer during their treatment for drug-resistant strains of the disease, and, as a nurse, has struggled with providing that treatment.
Jezza Neumann directed the new FRONTLINE documentary "TB Silent Killer", now available to view online here. The documentary, shot in Swaziland, follows individual patients through their arduous treatment.
Kues and Neumann will answer any relevant questions you pose to them during this hour-long event. This is an opportunity to ask anything you want to know about drug-resistant TB.
Take action. Demand better medicines for TB patients. Sign the TB Manifesto
Watch the trailer for "TB Silent Killer":