MSF exercises rigorous fiscal controls over our field programs and offices.

  • Every MSF field project has a detailed budget that is reevaluated on a regular basis. Program managers review program budgets throughout the year to ensure they are implemented responsibly and in keeping with project objectives. All budgets are reviewed and subject to approval by the Board of Directors of the MSF office responsible for implementing the field programs.
  • MSF-USA's Board of Directors exercises fiduciary control over the use of all funds collected in the United States . It allocates grants to MSF field programs based on detailed narrative and financial proposals, and requires narrative and financial reports upon completion of the grants. External financial audits are conducted annually. Both the MSF-USA Annual Report and IRS Form 990 are available on our website and upon request.
  • For transparency to our donors worldwide, MSF combines the accounts of all of our offices internationally. The result is a thorough and transparent picture of the full range of our activities. International combined accounts will be consolidated and certified by an independent auditing firm in 2005 for 2004 activities. International figures will be made available as soon the certification is complete.