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Due to ongoing humanitarian crises (South Sudan, Central African Republic, and DRC) and the ongoing response to the Ebola epidemic, MSF is actively recruiting all profiles for field work, with special attention to technical logisticians, anesthesiologists, plastic surgeons, administrators, and neonatal nurses. For all profiles French and Arabic speakers are particularly valuable to us at this time. Candidates available at short notice and for 9–12 months will be prioritized.

For all nurses and general logisticians, French is strongly recommended. Selection is extremely competitive for nurses and general logisticians who do not speak French.

While we value the skills of certified physician's assistants (PA's) we are unable to accept this profile due to the contexts of the countries in which we work.

If you want to bring your motivation, professional abilities and practical experience to join us in the field, please click on Who We Need below to learn more about requirements and how to apply.