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Chose your country of residency below. If you are eligible to apply through the U.S. office, you may submit your application online. Otherwise, you will be directed to the appropriate MSF office.


Completed applications and supporting documents are screened by the MSF Field Human Resources Department within four weeks of their submission. Candidates whose qualifications best meet the organization's needs are invited to an in-person interview to determine their suitability. Interviews are held regularly in MSF's New York City office and in various U.S. cities during recruitment visits that are scheduled throughout the year.


Following an interview and reference check, suitable applicants are invited to attend Information Days in New York (travel, meals and lodging expenses are covered by MSF).


Selected and briefed candidates are included in an active field staff pool. Candidates in the pool may be sent to an MSF training program before going to a field mission. When the need arises, MSF offices match positions that must be filled to the most appropriate candidate, who is contacted and offered the position. It often takes several months for a candidate to be offered a position on a project or in a training program.

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