Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) surgeons work predominately in conflict settings providing care to communities without access to functioning health care systems. Surgical cases include general, trauma, obstetrics, orthopedic, burn and reconstruction, working with all ages.

Basic diagnostic equipment and facilities needed to run an operating room will be limited: there may not even be an X-ray machine. Responsibilities include general surgery, surgical-needs assessment, and training of local staff.

MSF asks surgeons to depart on very short notice to meet the needs of emergencies that require their skills. But MSF does offer surgeons the option of shorter-than-usual assignments (six to eight weeks).


  • Must meet general requirements
  • Minimum commitment of 6-8 WEEKS (3 weeks for plastic & maxillofacial)
  • Valid degree and current license
  • At least 2 years work experience post residency
  • Current or recent practical experience
    (i.e. at least 6 months of clinical practice within the last 2 years)
  • Ability to work with limited technical resources
  • Experience in Emergency Obstetrics and at least one of the following areas:
    -  General/Trauma surgery
    -  Orthopedic surgery
    -  Reconstructive/Plastic/Maxillofacial/Burn surgery
  • Availability on short notice


  • Willingness to help with operating room organization
  • General surgeons able to perform Caesarean sections