• Must meet general requirements
  • Minimum commitment of 9 to 12 months
  • Expertise in at least one of the following four areas:
    (the requirements for each specialty follow)

    -  Basic engineering skills
    -  Experience with contract writing
    -  Drawing skills
    -  Basic knowledge of design and budgeting
    -  Experience conducting feasibility studies
    -  Experience as a manager, foreperson, or team leader

    -  Electrician degree and license or degree in electrical engineering
    -  Experience as a manager or team leader

    -  Pump and generator maintenance
    -  Vehicle mechanics
    -  Experience as a manager or team leader

    Water and Sanitation
    -  Technical diploma in chemistry, civil engineering, geology,
        or hydrology


  • Any assets, if applicable, are listed by specialty

    -  Degree in architecture or civil engineering
    -  Carpentry skills
    -  Plumbing skills
    -  Ownership/management of a construction company
    -  Training in basic construction

    Water and Sanitation
    -  MSc in water management or water, sanitation and hygiene
    -  Experience in/with any of the following:
            -  Building wells and boreholes
            -  Household filtration systems
            -  Water quality monitoring
            -  Working with EPANET software and GIS 
            -  Working with pollution and waste management
                and/or irrigation systems