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MSF-USA is not currently recruiting staff specifically pertaining to a COVID-19 response. In the United States, we encourage you to reach out to your local health department to support their COVID-19 response. MSF’s usual field recruitment is ongoing, but our ability to move staff between countries is limited right now. For more information on MSF’s response to the coronavirus emergency please click here. To submit an application for international field work with MSF please read all the requirements and proceed to the How to apply page. Applicants should allow up to six weeks for a response.


Due to limited needs we are NOT currently accepting applications for the following positions: SURGEON, OB/GYN, OR NURSE, CRNA, LCSW, PT, X-RAY TECH. Please continue to check this page for updates. If you would like to be considered for one of these roles as new needs arise in the future, please share your information with us via our Express Your Interest Form.
Please note that proficient French language skills are now required for all Pharmacists. Please read the updated pharmacist requirements before applying. For Nurse applicants, proficient French is strongly recommended. Selection is extremely competitive for nurses who do not speak French.
While we value the skills of certified Physician Assistants (PA), we are unable to accept this profile due to the contexts of the countries in which we work.


IPC Managers · Pediatric Intensivists · Psychiatrists 
MSF staff member checks a child’s health condition


In the midst of an outbreak, our project teams look to our epidemiologists to learn where and how fast a disease is spreading, and how it can be stopped

Democratic Republic of Congo


Our staff delivers thousands of babies and saves thousands of mothers' lives each year

In Acapulco MSF implemented a program with the objective of providing access to medical, psychological and social work services to all survivors of sexual violence, while sensitizing the community about the importance of seeking immediate help In collaboration with the Secretary of Health of the state of Guerrero.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists act in the aftermath of emergencies, and help people with long-term conditions and life-changing injuries

MSF nurse Deogracias Kabila examines a child with malnutrition in Bokoro.

Registered nurses / Nurse practitioners

From organizing a mass vaccination initiative for measles or triaging an influx of displaced people fleeing conflict, nurses save lives in a variety of conflict zones

MSF Pharmacist dispenses life-extending ARVs to HIV-positive patient


Access to essential drugs is one of our major concerns

National programme against TB in Buenaventura

Laboratory technicians

Laboratory techs play an important role in running our laboratories and monitoring outbreaks of disease and the impact of our responses