Human resources administrators

HR admins define, plan, and supervise the implementation of human resources policies on MSF missions

Tamanna Akter, a recently recruited MSF health promoter, is learning how to screen children in the community with a more experimented health promotion women (PLW) starts.<br />In the Kamrangirchar slum of Dhaka - on the banks of one of the most polluted rivers in the world - MSF runs a primary healthcare centre that provides care to children under five and pregnant and lactating women. Nearby, MSF also runs a therapeutic feeding centre. Through a largely home-based programme, these children are being fed with Plumpy Nut, a thick nutrient-rich peanut paste which helps children regain normal body weight. Kamrangirchar is one of Dhaka's many slum areas, a product of the urban mass migration that makes this capital the world's most rapidly expanding city. Development of public services and infrastructure has struggled to keep pace, and access to affordable health care is very limited. Formerly used as a dumping ground for the city's rubbish, the Kamrangirchar peninsula only started to become heavily populated over the last few decades. Covering just three square kilometres, the area is now home to 400,000 people. Through its presence, MSF hopes to bring its expertise and experience in treating malnutrition so that more children and their mothers can continue to live and grow up healthily.
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The Human Resources (HR) Administrator contributes to the implementation of the mission’s objectives, through the careful balancing of project staffing and financial realities.

HR Administrators responsibilities include: advising on a wide variety of HR issues, coordinating and supervising the administrative procedure for employment in the project/mission, overseeing procedures for employee payroll, monitoring and ensuring compliance with local labor law, and implementing general administrative procedures to ensure transparency and accountability. HR administrators represent Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and may cooperate with other non-governmental organizations and national authorities on relevant issues.


  • Must meet general requirements
  • Minimum commitment of 9 to 12 months
  • Experience with:
    -  Human resources management
    -  Human resources planning and strategy
    -  Development and implementation of human resources policies
       (e.g. recruitment, performance management)

    -  Staff development and training
    -  Human resources administration
       (e.g. payroll, benefits, contracts, databases)

    -  Labor law and relations
    -  Facilitation of work permits, visas, travel


  • Advanced degree in human resources management
  • Familiarity with financial procedures
  • Experience in revising salary grids and implementation of other HR projects
  • Labor law and management experience

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