Technical logisticians

MSF's technical logisticians are the 'behind the scenes' people that ensure everything runs smoothly, no matter what happens

A vehicle gets a last check before heading out on a mass multi antigen vaccination campaign in Bangassou sub-prefecture, Central African Republic. In this sub-prefecture alone, the MSF vaccination teams will vaccinate around 20,000 children against nine different illnesses between March and November 2016.
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As a technical logistician (TechLog), you will provide daily technical support to all activities in our medical facilities. You could be responsible for vehicle maintenance and planning of movements. Construction, framing, fitting, and maintaining medical facilities, offices, and staff accommodations could also be part of your duties. You could set up, manage, and maintain the water supply and hygiene/sanitary facilities. You could be in charge of the electricity supply and supervise the installation and maintenance of related equipment such as generators, solar panels, and batteries. You will hire and manage technical staff and contractors, and oversee their work. You will maintain contact with other non-governmental organizations, MSF sections, and local and international technical counterparts within the same mission.

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  • Compliance with Essential Requirements for all potential candidates
  • Commitment to work in the field for a minimum of 9 to 12 month assignments
  • Previous experience in a low resource setting (priority given to those with experience working in a humanitarian context)
  • Minimum of two years relevant professional experience post training
  • Professional experience supervising, managing or training staff
  • Basic engineering skills
  • Experience with contract writing, budgeting, reporting
  • Technical proficiency in at least one of the following areas:
    -  Construction
    -  Energy and electricity
    -  General mechanics


  • French or Arabic language (B2 or above)
  • Experience in any of the following:
    -  Bookkeeping, payroll, administration, accounting, and/or human resources management
    -  Basic water and sanitation systems
    -  Computer equipment
    -  Pump and generator maintenance
    -  Radio and communications equipment
    -  Vehicle mechanics
  • Degree in engineering or vocational training

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