Burundi: Latest MSF Updates


This information is excerpted from MSF’s 2016 International Activity Report.

MSF continued to provide free, high-quality care to victims of trauma in Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura. L’Arche Kigobe, a private facility, was one of two hospitals providing care for victims of trauma in Bujumbura, where political tensions and economic difficulties had a heavy impact. MSF started activities in the clinic in 2015 and in 2016 increased L’Arche’s capacity from 43 to 75 beds and expanded care to treat all victims of trauma. In 2016, teams treated 4,839 patients in the emergency department, admitted 1,801 patients, and performed some 3,184 surgical interventions. Specialized physiotherapists provided 11,237 sessions for patients recovering from surgery, and 1,160 patients received psychological support.

MSF responded to two cholera alerts during the peak season. In PRC hospital in Bujumbura, a team set up a cholera treatment center (CTC) and supported the management of 57 patients. MSF also set up two CTCs in Kabezi and Ruziba and treated a total of 295 patients. To prevent the spread of the disease, teams disinfected 2,832 households and provided equipment so families could treat their drinking water.

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