How long are missions?

Many specific vacancies have nine to 12 months duration, thus a field worker with more flexibility can be considered for more vacancies. Specifically, the minimum commitment for financial and human resources coordinators is one year; surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and ob-gyns may be accepted for a minimum of six weeks in the field.


What expenses are field staff expected to pay?

Once a mission is confirmed, MSF will be responsible for all travel, visas, and relevant vaccinations. Field workers should assume responsibility for routine health maintenance vaccinations.

MSF will provide staff with:

● Round trip air tickets from home to mission

● Accommodation in NYC/Europe during briefing/debriefing

● Monthly salary of approximately $1,913

● Full medical insurance

● Accommodation in the field (shared housing mostly with private rooms)

● Per diem on mission in local currency


How are mission assignments made?

About three months before a volunteer's availability, MSF will start looking for field vacancies pertinent to professional experience.

● Lists of vacant field positions are provided to MSF-USA by the five Operational Centers in Europe.

● Field HROs propose staff for appropriate vacancies; final decision on placement is taken by the Operational Center after considering relevant candidates from all MSF sections for each vacancy.