What is the recruitment process?

● Applicant completes an online application form, a motivation letter, and a current CV (resume).

● Field Human Resources Officer (HRO) screens the application and responds within four weeks of receipt of application.

● Positively screened applicants are invited to interview with a Field HRO, either in the New York office, or during recruitment visits that are scheduled throughout the year in various U.S. cities. (MSF cannot cover expenses associated with the recruitment process)


Is there an age limit for going to the field with MSF?

MSF has no prescribed limit, as physical condition is more important than age. As living conditions in the field can be basic, with hot and cold climate extremes, field staff must provide MSF with medical clearance from health-care provider certifying fitness to lift and carry a reasonable amount of weight, and the ability to walk distances that one might not at home.


What are MSF's recruitment criteria?

The general criteria for working in the field are at least two years of professional experience in relevant fields, current professional credentials, relevant work or travel experience outside the U.S., and availability for at least nine months (with the exception of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, and ob-gyns who may be accepted for shorter assignments). Assets that benefit applicants are flexibility, community service projects, adaptability to basic living conditions, and foreign language skills.


Do you recruit only doctors?

MSF recruits doctors and other medical and non-medical staff. Examples include surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, registered nurses, midwives, mental health professionals, finance and human resources specialists, logisticians, and specialists in construction, electricity, mechanics, or water-and-sanitation.