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Story | July 21, 2022

The migration double standard

International solidarity and support for Ukrainian refugees show humane migration policy is possible. So why are people fleeing other countries treated differently?

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Story | July 08, 2022

Iraq: Five years after the battle of Mosul, people still need support

MSF is providing much-needed medical and mental health care as Iraq’s second-largest city recovers

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News | June 16, 2022

MSF statement on reported airstrike in Iraq

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Story | April 11, 2022

Iraq: Five years after the battle of Mosul, women still struggle to access health care

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Maternal services insufficient in Mosul

Story | October 19, 2021

How the ever-expanding 'war on terror' impacts access to health care

New MSF report features the voices of frontline aid workers caught in conflict

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NFI distribution in Mosul's Old City

Story | July 19, 2021

Iraq: Providing much-needed post-operative care in Mosul

“Patients staying at our facility often tell us that they don’t know what they would have done if we weren’t here."

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Iraq: Providing much-needed post-operative care in Mosul

News | March 30, 2021

Without more COVID-19 vaccines, no end in sight to the pandemic in Iraq

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1 year of COVID-19 interventions

News | February 03, 2021

MSF study shows some insulin can be stored at warmer temperatures

Good news for people with diabetes in places where refrigeration can be a luxury

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Story | December 31, 2020

Iraq: Spotlighting the nonmedical staff that make MSF's work possible

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Story | December 31, 2020

Iraq: Stories from the humanitarians behind the scenes

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Faces of different MSF staff in Iraq


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