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Media Coverage | November 20, 2019

The New Humanitarian: First Person: Mosul made me see the threat of antibiotic-resistant infections

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Tackling antibiotic resistance in Mosul

Media Coverage | September 13, 2017

NBC Local 9 News: An Exhibit in Boulder Shows the Reality of what Most Refugees Go Through

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Media Coverage | August 14, 2017

CNN: Don't Make Babies Rely on Breast Milk in War Zones

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Media Coverage | October 05, 2016

CBS News: Refugee Exhibit Shows What It’s Like to be Forced From Home

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Media Coverage | October 03, 2016

The Washington Post: If You Had to Leave Home, What Would You Take? How a New Exhibit Personalizes the Refugee Crisis

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Media Coverage | April 07, 2009

CNN - Helping the Maimed

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