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Story | May 14, 2020

With global focus on COVID-19 pandemic, measles remains a silent killer in parts of Africa

MSF is confronting deadly measles outbreaks in Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and Chad

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Measles intervention in Boso Manzi, DRC

News | May 03, 2012

In Chad, Diseases are Spreading as Food Supplies Dwindle

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News | April 30, 2012

MSF Battles Malnutrition and Disease Across a Swathe of West and Central Africa

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News | September 12, 2011

As the Number of Measles Epidemics Skyrocket, Global Response Lags

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News | June 17, 2010

Measles: Summary of Current and Recent MSF Projects as of June 2010

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Story | April 01, 2009

Vaccinating Against Measles in Chad: Battered Trucks and Donkey Tracks

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News | March 01, 2009

Eastern Chad: MSF Begins Measles Vaccination Campaign in Adré District

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News | February 12, 2009

MSF Vaccinates More Than 40,000 Children for Measles in Chad

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News | December 01, 2006

MSF Frontline Reports

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News | April 28, 2005

Responding to a Measles Epidemic in Chad

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