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Story | May 31, 2022

Video: Title 42 continues, keeping asylum seekers in a dangerous limbo

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Story | June 17, 2021

Migration: Moving Beyond Crisis

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At the border without asylum_ Maritza

News | June 17, 2021

MSF urges US to uphold its commitments to refugees and asylum seekers

For World Refugee Day, a call on the Biden administration to protect the health and safety of people forced from home

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Story | June 04, 2021

“Paths of suffering”: Migrants stranded at the US-Mexico border share their stories

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Story | May 24, 2021

Honduras: MSF scales up response to multiple emergencies

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A doctor examines a new born

News | May 06, 2021

MSF pledges to cut carbon emissions in half by 2030

Adapting our operations to tackle the climate emergency

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Floods in Pibor

Story | April 30, 2021

Mexico: Hundreds of migrants and deportees forced to sleep on the street in Reynosa

People on the move are increasingly out of options

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Migration and deportation in Reynosa and Matamoros

Story | April 22, 2021

Migrants and asylum seekers in Mexico: "We are fleeing so they won't kill us"

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Men, women, and children board the moving train to reach the northern border of Mexico.

News | April 21, 2021

MSF reaffirms opposition to US rule using public health concerns as pretext to shut out asylum seekers

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Migrants in the City of Coatzacoalcos jump on a train

News | December 16, 2020

Honduras: Back-to-back hurricanes leave 250,000 people with limited access to health care

International response remains insufficient to meet the urgent needs

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MSF’s response to the Hurricanes that hit Honduras focus on community shelters and people living on the streets.


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