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Story | May 20, 2022

Gaza: The wounds that don't heal

MSF patients and staff talk about trauma one year after Israeli airstrikes on the coastal enclave

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Story | May 06, 2022

Providing mental health care to Palestinians living under occupation

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In 2021, Israel demolished 199 Palestinian homes in the West Bank, according to the Israeli human rights NGO B'Tselem.

Story | December 28, 2021

2021: The year in photos

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Woman with her child speaking to a medic.

Story | October 11, 2021

MSF responds to mental health needs around the world

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Story | June 30, 2021

In Gaza, lingering trauma is worsening a mental health crisis

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Surviving Gaza: the hopes and perils of living under blockade

Story | June 01, 2021

Gaza: Trauma continues long after the bombing stops

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A man puts his hand on his injured friend's shoulder in support.

Story | June 01, 2021

Mental health care in Gaza: An accumulation of traumatic events

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A young man in a stretcher holds his hand up to his head in pain

News | May 20, 2021

MSF team continues to be denied entry into Gaza by Israeli authorities

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MSF clinic damaged in Gaza

Story | May 19, 2021

Gaza: "Night and day, what we are living through is terrifying"

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News | May 17, 2021

Israeli airstrikes kill civilians and damage MSF clinic in Gaza

MSF urges Israel to stop these attacks on Gaza

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Damage to MSF clinic in Gaza


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