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Story | June 24, 2022

Remembering María, Tedros, and Yohannes—our MSF colleagues killed in Ethiopia

By Paula Gil, president of MSF Spain

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Bangui Tongolo Team

Story | June 17, 2022

Video: More aid urgently needed for those displaced in Ethiopia's Afar region

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Story | June 09, 2022

Conflict and drought spark a deadly malnutrition crisis in Ethiopia's Afar region

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Nutritional crisis in Ethiopia's Afar region

News | March 17, 2022

MSF urges Ethiopian government to respond to news report on the killings of our staff

Investigation attributes responsibility for the killings to members of the Ethiopian military

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Story | December 28, 2021

2021: The year in photos

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Woman with her child speaking to a medic.

Story | December 24, 2021

María, Tedros, and Yohannes, always in our memory

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News | September 10, 2021

Ethiopia: MSF forced to suspend majority of activities amid enormous needs

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Gambella Ethiopia: South Sudanese refugees

News | July 07, 2021

Ethiopia: MSF demands investigation into killing of three staff members in Tigray

Humanitarian workers must be able to provide aid safely

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An MSF translator provides information to women and children waiting for a medical consultation at a mobile clinic in the village of Adiftaw, Tigray.

Story | July 06, 2021

In memoriam: Yohannes Halefom, María Hernández, and Tedros Gebremariam

Remembering MSF colleagues killed in Tigray, Ethiopia

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Bangui Tongolo Team

News | June 25, 2021

Ethiopia: Three MSF staff killed in attack

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