MSF Mocha surgical hospital
Yemen, Mocha, 9 December 2018 – Nasser, 14 and his father Mohammed Abdou, come from Mafraq Al Mocha, one-hour drive from Mocha city. On 7 December, Nasser was tending his sheep with his uncle and his cousin, they were planning to go to the mountains. Nasser walked on a landmine located in a field. He and his uncle were injured by the blast. His uncle got shrapnel in his eyes and was transferred to MSF surgical hospital in Mocha, and then referred to MSF Aden trauma hospital. Nasser had multiple injuries, and he had his right foot amputated right after his arrival at the hospital. “There was no more bone, nothing that we could have saved to avoid the amputation” explains Farouk, physiotherapist. Nasser had a previous amputation of his thumb, because of a gunshot, which makes it difficult for him to work with crutches.
Mohammed Abdou, Nasser’s father, explains that fighting has intensified this year. As military troops were withdrawing, they planted plenty of landmines near Mafraq Al Mocha and in the area, along the frontlines. MSF is supporting an advanced medical post with stabilization/OPD kits in Mafraq Al Mocha. The residents of the city know some places where there are landmines and where it’s not safe to go. But there’s not enough signs to indicate the presence of landmines in the area, and not enough demining staff. Mohammed Abdou is now afraid to go in the field around Mafraq. On the picture, Nasser is trying to walk with crutches for the first time, with the help of Farouk, physiotherapist.