MSF Mocha surgical hospital
YEMEN 2018 © Agnes Varraine-Leca
Ali (center), 18, comes from a small village in a rural and very poor area near Mawza, a 45-minute drive from Mocha city. Two months ago, he was supposed to meet three friends in a field near his house. As he was late, he started running, and suddenly a landmine exploded. Usually, he is very careful while walking in the field, because he knows landmines were planted in the area when military forces withdrew, a few months ago. There are no specific signs to indicate the presence of landmines in this zone. His right leg was amputated under his knee; he already had a weak left leg because he got polio during his childhood. Since the incident, he is going twice a week to MSF hospital in Mocha to follow physiotherapist sessions with Farouk (left), physiotherapist. From his village, it takes one hour and half to Ali to reach MSF hospital in Mocha.