Map of MSF's emergency response in Makhanga, Malawi
This map indicates locations of MSF activities in flood-affected Makhanga area in southern Malawi. An MSF team of 18 people is currently working with local authorities, communities and the health ministry to cover the needs of an estimated 18,000 people in Makhanga with health, sanitation and non-food-item supplies.

In the flood-affected regions of southern Malawi, the rains that started in early March - have now largely stopped and access to the flooded areas is improving. To date, flooding has caused 59 deaths, 677 injuries, and the displacement of around 87,000 people in camps overall (OCHA, 22 March). One of the worst affected area is Makhanga area, which essentially remains an island cut off from all road access, though it has electricity again. While many thousands of people are currently sheltering in schools, churches and makeshift camps for displaced people, some are starting to return home to rebuild their houses. There has been widespread destruction of agriculture and animals – an estimated 50 percent of the area’s crops may have been lost.