COVID-19: Supporting Migrants and Homeless People in Mexico City


As cases of COVID-19 spread across Mexico, refugees, migrants, and homeless people are among those most vulnerable to infection. Doctors Without Border/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) teams have begun providing medical and psychological care in shelters, hostels, hotels, and community kitchens around the city, as well as along the migration route through Mexico. MSF’s direct contact with people allows the team to respond to questions and address some of the myths and misinformation surrounding COVID-19. In this video we hear from MSF doctor Fabiola Hernández: “Sometimes the [health] information tends to be inaccessible … or it has become very distorted.” MSF teams also offer practical advice to staff, volunteers, visitors, and residents in these facilities on ways to prevent transmission of the virus. MSF logistics supervisor Yolanda Rábago says it’s vital to reach out to people on the move. “Independent of COVID, they are people who are looking to have a better life, a decent life. And regardless of whether there is a pandemic, people are going to keep moving, people are going to keep looking for help. We must not forget that. And our goal is to provide some help, even though more is needed.”