MSF medical team leader rescues a 9-month old from the Mediterranean Sea
MEDITERRANEAN SEA 2015 © Gabriele François Casini/MSF
Alison Criado-Perez, medical team leader on the MY Phoenix search and rescue vessel, carries 9 month old Isrom from Eritrea. Isrom was the first person to board the Phoenix on 02 September 2015. His mother and father werer brought on board soon after.

On 02 September 2015 the MY Phoenix was called to assist two wooden boats in the international waters north of Tripoli. The Bourbon Argos, which was already at full capacity with around 1000 people on board, was on scene standing by and ready to intervene in case of emergency. The MOAS SAR team distributed lifejackets to the people on both wooden boats and transferred the passengers of one of them onto the Phoenix. Once this operation was complete, half of the people carried by the second wooden boat were transferred onto the first and now empty one to stabilize the situation. Phoenix and Argos stood by to wait for the arrival of an Italian coast guard vessel that completed the rescue. At the end of the rescue, Phoenix had 332 people on board, including 113 minors and 105 women coming mainly from Eritrea.