Inflatable hospital set up after a typhoon
PHILIPPINES 2013 © Yann Libessart/MSF
Setting up the inflatable hospital in the compound of Bethany hospital, Tacloban.

Bethany Hospital The first task was to remove all the debris and the dead bodies to clear some space for the inflatable hospital with the help of local community and French firemen. One week after the first MSF teams arrived, the tents were set-up overnight in Bethany Hospital and medical care could begin. Outpatient consultation, emergencies, medical and pediatric wards were implemented under tents. MSF logistics also had to install electric and water supply systems. Only the operating room and the maternity ward of Bethany hospital, located in the first floor and well protected from the typhoon, were still usable. On November 27, Romy was the first baby born in the new structure after a C-Section.