Refugee woman being rescued from Mediterranean Sea
The 31st of March we receive an order to not rescue people on a rubber boat. The boat was closed from us and we had the obligation to wait for the LCG.

Yesterday at 10.32am the search and rescue ship Aquarius – operated in partnership by MSF and SOS MEDITERRANEE – along with the Libyan coast guard, were alerted by the Italian Rescue Maritime Coordination Centre (IMRCC) to a rubber boat in distress with an estimated 120 people, in international waters 23-24 nautical miles from the Libyan coast.

The rubber boat was first identified by a European military aircraft. While the Aquarius arrived on scene first, at approximately 11:00, we were informed by the IMRCC that the Libyan coast guard would be in charge of the rescue and as such the Aquarius was instructed to standby and not engage