Robin Hammond/Panos Pictures
Fatuma Hashum cares for mentally disabled daughter Samiro Isse (10) at their home in Dadaab refugee camp. Fatuma's husband and brother were killed in front of her in Mogadisghu, Somalia, in the same attack she was raped. Fearing for the safety of her children she came to Dadaab. Samiro is completely dependent on her mother for all her needs. Dadaab is 100 km from the Somali border in eastern Kenya. It is the largest refugee camp in the world holding as many as 450,000 people. Most of the inhabitants have fled conflict in southern Somalia. The World Health Organisation says 1 in 3 Somali’s suffer from some kind of mental illness, the result of a war that has left a generation of Somalis who’ve only known fighting, famine, displacement, and loss.