Hope in Hell
Julie Remy
The mother of a burnt child in the burn unit of the Island Hospital.MSF has worked in Liberia since 1990. Liberia¿s 14-year civil war
ended in August 2003, tearing the country¿s social fabric, destroying
its infrastructure, including it¿s health system and causing more than
200,000 deaths and forcing close to 700,000 people to seek refuge in
neighbouring countries. Since then, Liberia made significant moves towards
stability and reconstruction but many still live in poverty and lack access to adequate health care. Women and children are particularly at risk.

As the context evolved from emergency to post-conflict
reconstruction, MSF slowly reduced its activities in the country. In
June 2010, MSF officially finished running hospitals in the country ¿
handing responsibility of its maternal and paediatric healthcare
services over to the Liberian government.

In 2010, MSF continues to work in Liberia with a project targeted at
providing comprehensive medical and psychological care to survivors of
sexual violence within three Ministry of Health structures.