Juan Carlos Tomasi
Since the beginning of March 2012, all detained migrants in the South of
Evros (Southern Greece) are being referred in the new Registration Center
in Poros (Ferres) for initial identification and registration. MSF teams
provide support to newly arriving migrants in Poros by providing medical
triage and first medical assistance to the most vulnerable (<14 years, >65
years, pregnant women, visibly disabled, and people affected by the harsh
border crossing). The MSF intervention was deemed necessary because
national authorities could not respond adequately to the medical and
humanitarian needs of the newcomers.
In Istanbul, MSF is providing psychosocial consultations to asylum seekers
and migrants as well as organizing therapeutically group sessions within
the communities of migrants. These populations have been victims of
violence in their countries of origin, have suffered during the journey
trying to reach Europe and are victims of exclusion, stigma and violence
while blocked in a big urban settings like Istanbul. Their vulnerability is
increased in Turkey because Turkish law does not allow them to have access
to social services, health care included.