William Martin/MSF
*** Local Caption *** En juillet 2005, MSF a reçu l'autorisation de travailler à l'hôpital de district de Salle (zone gouvernementale) et à Rukumkot (zone sous contrôle maoïste). Un dispensaire devrait ouvrir courant 2006 dans le village carrefour de Radidjula, sur la commune d'Arviskot, où ont déjà lieu des cliniques mobiles.<br/>
Beginning of the activities in the Maoists area (Rukumkot and Baphikot) in May-June 2005. In the mountains controlled by the Maoists, the supply drugs of the structures of health is irregular and the personnel is not always form to practise care of quality. To bring our assistance to the populations which live in these removed areas is thus one of our top priority since the opening of the program in Nepal. In July 2005, MSF received the authorization to work at the hospital of district of Room (governmental zone) and in Rukumkot (zone under control Maoist). A dispensary should open during 2006 in the village crossroads of Radidjula, on the commune of Arviskot, where mobile clinics already take place