Aurelie Lachant/MSF
Musheera (22), a Syrian refugee, with her two little girls came to seek free healthcare at MSF’s clinic in Majdel Anjar in the Bekaa valley.

“We fled our home in Syria 10 days ago because of the shelling. We lived in a village on the road from Aleppo to Damascus. It had become untenable; we were living with constant fear as we never knew when the shelling was going to kills us.

We took a bus and arrived in Lebanon. It was the closest and safest place to go to. We spent one week looking for a house and found temporary shelter in a garage. We cannot afford to go elsewhere at the moment – we already pay 200 dollars a month to live in very basic conditions.

We are used to living in basic conditions, as we didn’t have much money in Syria. But here we are constantly cold and cannot afford to buy fuel to heat ourselves. My four month old girl is sick. I’m always cold and have to feed her, so she gets sick. Some people told us to come to this clinic because it’s free. My husband hasn’t found a job yet and we don’t have any money.”