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Paoua hospital. Marie-Jeanne, MSF doctor (last days of your mission).
. Reportage sur le medecin Marie-Jeanne, lors des derniers jours de sa premiere mission pour MSF.
Service pediatrie *** Local Caption *** In CAR, despite an overall increase in aid in recent years, access to health care remains a major problem, even in areas that are not directly affected by the conflict. A majority of Central Africans continue to live in extremely precarious conditions. Several mortality surveys conducted by MSF in particular regions of the country highlight crude mortality rates and specific extremely high - sometimes three to five times higher than the emergency threshold.<br/>

These mortality rates are partly attributable to a structural deficit of the health system that does not allow the public to have access to basic health care for diseases such as malaria, respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases.<br/>

In Paoua, MSF teams are working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health in all hospital reference departments (pediatrics, surgery, maternity, emergency, hospitalization and HIV & TB treatment). In 2011, MSF issued more than 72,000 consultations in Paoua hospital and peripheral health centers, and more than 6600 patients have been hospitalized. The teams have conducted over 8000 ANC consultations and 1432 deliveries. MSF also supports patients with advanced AIDS and cases of co-infection HIV / TB. In 2011, 247 patients received antiretroviral therapy.<br/>