Kim Clausen/MSF
MS nurse Carmelita is looking for a vein in a young patient to install an IV.

Two MSF emergency teams comprised of medics, logistics staff and water treatment specialists are running medical activities for people displaced by the recent fighting in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. An estimated 35,000 people fled to two UN compounds and to other gathering points around the city, seeking refuge from the intense fighting that erupted in Juba. After conducting an independent assessment of the needs, two MSF teams are working to address the medical needs of the displaced. "A few patients have direct violence wounds, such as gunshots, but the situation has calmed now in Juba and trauma medicine no longer seems to be the main need," says Forbes Sharp, MSF Emergency Coordinator in Juba. "The displaced people do not yet feel safe to return to their homes and they are unwilling to cross town to seek healthcare in regular hospitals and clinics. So we are taking healthcare to them."