Mathieu Fortoul/MSF
Dorassio’s older sister, Cynthia, comes every day to provide support, help him wash and eat, and keep him company.
<br/>Dorassio L. is 23. He is among the many victims of the inter-communal violence taking place in the Central African Republic today. On January 18, he was shot in the arm in Bouar, in the country’s Northwest region. His arm had to be amputated. He was treated by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in Bouar, and then transferred by plane to the Bangui Community Hospital, where our surgical teams continue to monitor his condition. <br/>
In a poor country, where there is no treatment for people with disabilities, what kind of future will Dorassio have?
*** Local Caption *** MSF has been managing surgical emergencies at the hospital since early December, treating an average of 140 patients every week. One-third of them are hospitalized so that they can be operated on. Our surgical activities focus on victims of violence (including injuries from gunshots, knife attacks, grenade explosions and arrows). The patients’ prognosis for survival is often uncertain. In many cases, patients will, unfortunately, suffer permanent consequences from open fractures and complex wounds.