Suzan Kiiko/MSF
Mary Nyakan is a mother of three children. She came to the Tomping camp on the 16th of December. Her two-year old son Simon Malek was admitted to MSF’s clinic two weeks ago and is suffering from pneumonia and malnutrition associated with watery diarrhea. “The situation was so terrible. There was killing and looting so we had to go come here. Life in the camp is very difficult. There is no food, and poor water and sanitation. We are exposed to very poor conditions and I think that is why our children are becoming very sick. We only get food like beans, flour, rice and packed porridge which is just for survival. There is not enough space and no proper shelter. I pray to God that he brings peace and has mercy upon us who are suffering. The leaders who are fighting should end the fight so that we can go back to our homes.”