Lam Duc Hien
In Congo's rainforest, MSF cured 15.000 pygmies affected by Yaws, a neglected disease, in 3 months (Sept - Oct 2012) using a new therapeutic regime (single dose oral antibiotic)
Yaws is a neglected tropical disease caused by a bacterium that affects the skin, bone and cartilage. Lack of resources, it has never been completely eradicated. Humans are the only reservoir of this bacterial infection. A recent discovery that a single-dose of azithromycin (given orally) can cure the disease has raised the prospects of eradicating yaws altogether.
It affects many isolated communities whose populations Congo Pigmy North, away from the health care system.

MSF-Epicentre with OCP decided to launch a universal treatment with azithromycin that can eradicate this illness among Aboriginal people (Pygmies) in the Bétou and Enyellé districts. During two months (in september and october 2012), three MSF teams have traveled on the Ubangi River, which separates the two Congos and trails through the rainforest.
A real human and logistical challenge to achieve these Pygmy communities in their villages in the rainy season because it is the only time during which they are sedentary.