Aurelie Lachant/MSF
Shevan, 28
I was studying mechanical engineering in Aleppo and left to Qamishli in June 2012, in the Syrian Kurdistan, where I’m originally from. The situation was fine then, but I had to flee because of the army’s forced recruitment.

I arrived here in Domiz last November. I spent 25 days here before finding a job in a factory. Two months ago, I found a job as a community health worker with MSF.

I live with friends who are running a supermarket, or rather “mini market”. We used to be neighbours in Qamishli. We’re four men sharing a tent, but sometimes we’re up to 12 people because there are not enough tents for newly arrived men.

All my family stayed in Qamishli. They tell me the situation is bad, but they don’t want to come here because they don’t want to leave in a tent, and life is very expensive here. But if the violence continues, they will have to come.