Irene Slegt
Manipur is one of India¿s North Eastern States with a total population of 2.3 million people. Manipur is a conflict-ridden state where numerous insurgency groups are embattled with the central Indian government or amongst themselves. The conflict dates to the creation of modern India in 1947 but has tribal and religious elements as well. As a result of the conflict, absence of law and order and economic neglect, the majority of Manipuri citizens have no or limited access to primary health services. Drug abuse is widespread and Manipur is amongst the six states with the highest HIV AIDS prevalence in India. Treatment is limited or not available. The Indian government permits limited access to Manipur for foreign nationals. In 2004 MSF obtained permission to work in Churachandpur District with a focus on a malaria and basic health care program. In 2005 MSF has expanded its primary health services in Manipur with the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted and infectious diseases such as TB and HIV-AIDS.