Toe Jackson/MSF
pinasse (boat) that carries supplies and medical personnel to a from Timbuktu. *** Local Caption *** In Timbuktu, medical activities are on-going, particularly in pediatric, obstetrical, emergency, and surgical care. During the first three weeks of the military operations, MSF treated some 30 wounded patients at the Timbuktu hospital. Since January 2013, medical teams on the ground have conducted some 9000 regular medical consultations in the region. Medical supplies and medicines have also been delivered to the nine health centers that MSF supports in the Timbuktu region.<br/>
MSF has been working in the Timbuktu region since April, 2012 and continues to handle large numbers of patients. In 2012, MSF conducted 50,000 medical consultations (approximately one-third of them for malaria), hospitalized 1,600 people, and performed more than 400 operations