Jared Koher
Omar Qassim Yass, a 13 year-old boy from Diyala governorate, has been forever scarred by the consequences of war. Like other kids his age in Iraq, Omar had a passion for flying kites whenever the sky was clear and there was a light wind. <br/>
On the afternoon of February 15th, 2011, Omar?s life changed forever. As he was flying his kite with some neighbourhood friends, an explosion brought down the electricity lines from overhead. The lines ripped through his body, leading to the loss of both his arms. It was a tragic reminder that violence is no discriminator of age.<br/>
Omar was transferred immediately to the nearest hospital, where he spent three days unconscious after his life was saved. He underwent nine surgical operations in Iraq after his injury. According to his father, some of them were successful, others were not. <br/>
*** Local Caption *** Exactly one year after the injury, on March 22nd, 2012, Omar and his father arrived at the MSF surgical project in Amman to begin his treatment. He has since undergone a total of three surgeries, as only the first stage of his treatment. <br/>
Omar is a fighter. His tiny body can still enjoy swimming and playing football with his friends and brothers. However, his emotional scars are too overwhelming to be healed just yet, especially after he lost his mother in another bloody explosion. <br/>
?Since his arrival at the project, we?ve been observing Omar very carefully and trying to provide him with all necessary psychosocial support. He is a very sensitive child and keeps comparing himself with other children who were able to use their hands,? said Montaha Mashayekh, an MSF psychosocial counselor.